Chantal Hofstee – Founder of Renew Your Mind, Clinical Psychologist, Mindfulness facilitator and business trainer, writer and public speaker.

Chantal is a Clinical Psychologist who specialises in practical Mindfulness training and developed the Renew Your Mind mindfulness courses. To book a session with Chantal click here.

Shirley Pastiroff – Renew Your Mind counsellor and Mindfulness course facilitator

Shirley is a registered counsellor who specialises in adult, child and family counselling. She is passionate about mindfulness and mindful parenting in particular. To book a session with Shirley click here.


Pauline Skeates – Counsellor and speaker at Insight focussed international

Pauline facilitates the Grey Lynn Mindfulness course and supervises the counselling work. In the last year she has provided 80 hours of Professional development training. For more information about Pauline have a look on Insight International – Psychological Services, Counselling and Training.


Pieter Hofstee – Accountant

Pieter is responsible for the finances. He sends out the invoices creates financial reports and as a bonus he makes the best cappuccino in the world 🙂  You can contact Pieter via


Enni Tuomisalo – Designer

Enni makes Renew Your Mind look beautiful. She designs all the online and printed materials. The website, CD cover, illustrations and brochures are all made pretty by her. For more of Enni’s work have a look on Lumi Creative – Design & Digital Marketing


Sami Tuomisalo – Digital strategist

Sami is the technical go to guy and digital strategist. He analyses the online data, creates and implements online strategies and search engine optimisation. Because of his work the Renew Your Mind website has hundreds of visitors per week. For more of Sami’s work have a look here Lumi Creative – Design & Digital Marketing


Iris Richter – Business coach

As a business coach Iris helps shape ideas for growth and create strategies for implementation. Her insight and knowledge about business have been essential in the growth and business development of Renew Your Mind. Find out more about her business here: Business Kitchen – Business Coaching

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