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As a teacher you have a major impact on the brain development of the children in your class. Mindfulness at school is designed to help teachers create a mindful learning environment – supporting healthy brain development in their students.

  • Gain insight into the developing child brain
  • Find out how you can make your teaching more effective
  • Learn to integrate Mindfulness techniques that increase confidence, concentration and creativity in children.

Download Info Pack

You will receive a download link to a PDF document outlining each training module.

Training Modules

1. Understanding the developing brain
2. A Mindful approach to dealing with emotions
3. How to help others overcome negative emotions
4. Improving social connection and reducing bullying
5. Activating optimal brain activity before tests
6. Building self esteem for happier, more confident students

Training Details

2 hours (1 module)
Half day (2 modules)
1 day (3-4 modules)
Full training – 2 days (6 modules)
Location: At your school
Cost: Order Training Info Pack for details

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