30 day gratitude challenge

Welcome to the Gratitude challenge! Research shows that keeping a gratitude journal for 30 days boosts health, happiness and wellbeing significantly. We encourage you to join us in a 30 day gratitude challenge and post something that you are grateful for on this page. Join the gratitude and feel the benefits for yourself 🙂

You can still join!

See the Facebook comment box? That is where you can post something that you are grateful for – your morning coffee, your cat, the weather, your friends, your job, your afternoon coffee… You can select the option to share your post on Facebook but it is not necessary.

To learn more about the physical and emotional benefits of gratitude, read the article below.

Attitude of Gratitude

Not to long ago people were convinced that the brain did not change much after birth. Now we know this is not true. Our brain changes throughout our lives by making and strengthening connections and weakening and losing others. This process happens automatically as we live our lives but exciting new research proves that we can influence this process. We can decide which connections we want to strengthen and which ones we want to weaken. So you are in charge of shaping your brain.

How do we do this? Everything we do intentionally and repeatedly creates new connections. This means we need to focus our attention on the activities that we want to shape our brain. If we do this repeatedly we will rewire and reshape our brain.  Several studies have found physical changes in the brain after just a few weeks of intense, repeated and rewarding practice.

Why gratitude?

Having an attitude of Gratitude simply works. Several studies have shown that practicing gratitude leads to:

  • Better overall physical health
  • More optimistic outlook on life and upcoming events
  • More likely to make progress in achieving important personal goals
  • Increase in alertness, attention, determination and energy
  • Increase in compassionate acts and sense of being connected to others

To sum it up, practicing gratitude for at least 30 days, on a daily basis makes you healthier and happier. Now this is a big enough reward in itself but there is more. Science shows that people who report feeling happier do better as well, they are more creative, flexible, productive and effective, they come up with better solutions and are more successful in achieving their goals.


Are you convinced? Great, now let me give you a few research based ways in which you can rewire your brain by practicing gratitude:

1. Gratitude journal

You simply write down what you are grateful for. This can be something small like your morning coffee, something relational like your partner or family or something grandiose like the beauty of nature. Anything, literally anything that comes to your mind is fine, you can’t go wrong.

2. Positively ruminate

Think back to nice things that happened to you, big or small. There will be a undeniable positive change in how you feel. You can even take this one step further and talk to someone about your positive experiences.

3. Celebrate success

Intentionally celebrate big and small successes. Sometimes finding the strength to come out of bed can be a success, sometimes it will be making a promotion at work. If you stop downplaying the successes you have you will increase the amount of successes in your life. Restructuring work meetings from talking about failures and problems to celebrating successes has been linked to increased work satisfaction, productivity and improved communication and work relationships.

4. Join the 30 day gratitude challenge

We all know it is difficult to change habits and these practices won’t have any effect on your brain unless you start putting them into action. Science shows we are more likely to actually follow through with our goals if we share our intention with others and if we make our intention specific. So to increase the chances of success we came up with the 30 day Gratitude Challenge.

The idea is that you receive a daily reminder (if you want) to post what you’re grateful for, and you get to see what others are grateful for. This too increases your happiness and sense of being connected, which in turn makes it more likely that you will complete the 30 days and will experience lasting change. It is fun, free and effective and helps you to stick to your goal of rewiring your brain.

We’re planning the next gratitude challenge. Sign up for our newsletter Mindmail (in the footer of the page) and we’ll invite you to join us next time!



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