Creative Flow

Do you know the feeling of getting lost in doing something you love? This feeling is associated with being fully immersed in something, with energised focus and full involvement. It leads to joy, fulfilment and spectacular progress in the task you are performing. In the 1950′s psychologist Mihaly Csíkszentmihályi became fascinated by artists who would […]

Mindfulness at Work

Why would businesses like Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Google and Apple be interested in Mindfulness? The answer is simple. Happiness is the new productivity The simple truth is that happy people do better jobs. Research has shown that the introduction of Mindfulness practices to the work place increases employee happiness and it improves the business [...]

Introduction to Mindfulness

Your brain is your most important asset. It is a power station that connects your every thought, feeling and action. Without your brain there is no you. Yet people tend to take better care of their teeth, their hair and even their car then their brain. When was the last time you took a few [...]

3 simple steps to overcome negative emotions

Tackling negative emotions. Do you want to learn how to effectively process emotions and avoid worrying and feeling hopeless and frustrated? The simple and effective technique Describe – Understand _ Let go (Insight Focussed Therapy, Skeates 2013) is based on brain research and our automatic responses to children. It helps our brain to successfully process negative emotions and stay mindful, calm and in control.

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