Mindful eating

We have all been there - that moment where you are staring into an empty packet of crisps or reaching for the last block of a slab of double caramel chocolate and having no idea how that happened…and yes, it did happen…and no, I am not necessarily saying here that chocolate or crisps are the [...]

The art of saying no

Have you ever wondered why you find it so hard to say no? Even though your calendar is overfull and you crave some ‘me-time’? Understanding of the brain can shed some light on this common tendency to chronically overcommitting. Our brain is programmed for survival. Back in the day the safety relationships bring was essential for survival, […]

Shirley’s top 3 mindful parenting tips

Mindfulness is the latest buzz word in our ongoing search for more balance and happier lives. If you’ve not come across it yet, I imagine it won’t be long, as there is now strong evidence to show that everyone from children to multinational corporations are benefitting from Mindfulness. There is a certain irony about adding [...]

Mindfulness course testimonials

Over 1200 people in Auckland have now taken our Mindfulness course and the next courses are about to start! Help us spread the word so more people can learn the simple yet life-changing techniques that are taught in this course. Please leave a comment below sharing your experience of the course and how practicing mindfulness [...]

I’m dreaming of a stress free Christmas

It is the most wonderful time of the year… or is it? For many people Christmas comes with stress, unmet expectations, tricky family dynamics and dramas. Here are some tips to help make your Christmas a little less stressed. Tip 1. Be prepared – Forget about last minute Christmas shopping. Leaving things to the last [...]

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