Mindfulness at Work

Why would businesses like Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Google and Apple be interested in Mindfulness? The answer is simple.

Happiness is the new productivity

The simple truth is that happy people do better jobs. Research has shown that the introduction of Mindfulness practices to the work place increases employee happiness and it improves the business culture, the dynamics and internal and external relationships leading to higher job satisfaction. But there is more, Mindfulness at work does not only make employees happier, it also makes them more creative, innovative, flexible, efficient and productive. All of these are essential factors when it comes to optimising work performance and achieving great outcomes.

Through increasing employee satisfaction and performance, practicing Mindfulness increases income but there is more. Practicing Mindfulness has been proven to reduce stress, burn out and turnover of employees, which are huge costs for businesses and organisations.

Mindfulness at work has two main benefits:

  1. It increases employee satisfaction and performance thus increasing income
  2. It reduces stress, sick days, burn out and turnover thus reducing costs

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