This practical 4 sessions course on managing OCD symptoms explains a research-based and holistic approach to better managing OCD symptoms.

Suitable for people of any age it will equip you with practical and research-based strategies.

  • Get an in-depth understanding of OCD
  • Insights into how lifestyle changes will help
  • Learn effective CBT strategies
  • Step-by-step guidance from an experienced Clinical Psychologist

* This course is not therapy but psycho-education and coaching on how to implement helpful strategies. We won’t discuss individual symptoms or distressing examples, rather the focus is on helpful strategies and how to make them work.

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    FACILITATOR: Chantal Hofstee
    Clinical Psychologist


    Start date: Anytime 
    Duration: 4, 1-hour videos
    Included resources: Session summaries and step-by-step CBT exercises



    Clinical Psychologist, course/workshop facilitator and author

    OCD symptoms are relatively common but often misunderstood. They can cause a lot of distress if they go unrecognized and unmanaged but thankfully there are research-based strategies that help reduce and manage OCD symptoms. Here we focus on understanding how your brain works, how you can reduce stress and how you can break the OCD loops so you can gain control over your OCD. My goal is to empower people with research-based and practical strategies that are easily accessible.

    Chantal is a board-certified Clinical Psychologist and the author of the books Renew Your Mind, Reach Your Goals and the children’s book The Big Balloon. She works in private practice and sees children, young people, teenagers and adults and runs online courses focused on neuro research, psychology and CBT skills.

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