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We teach people practical mindfulness techniques to reduce stress in all areas of life, because in the end we all want to be healthier, happier and more productive.

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Chantal is a Clinical psychologist and leadership coach. She presents mindfulness talks, workshops and training for business and organizations and is available for leadership coaching.

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Lize is a Clinical psychologist who specialises in mindfulness based therapy for anxiety, depression and balanced eating. Lize runs our mindfulness course and offers relationship therapy for couples.

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St Heliers

Shirley is a counsellor specialising in mindfulness based counselling and parenting solutions. She runs our popular mindful parenting course and offers Educators professional development workshops.

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Gilza is a Clinical psychologist (reg. in Brazil), Coach and licensed Master Social Worker (reg. in NZ)  who specializes in mindfulness based therapy for stress, anxiety, and family challenges for adults and teenagers.

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Ampara is a Clinical psychologist specialising in mindfulness based therapy for anxiety, depression and trauma. She runs our mindfulness course, offers relationship therapy and is ACC registered.

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This could be you!

Renew Your Mind is growing due to high demand for our courses and services. Are you passionate about mindfulness and looking to start or grow your private practice as a professional in the field of mental health or self-development? Get in touch!

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Mindful parenting

Our mindful parenting course has changed many families by reducing parenting stress and conflict and improving connection.

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Mindfulness handbook

Renew Your Mind is the mindfulness handbook for busy people. Packed full with practical mindfulness techniques, this is the perfect book to kickstart your mindfulness practice.

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