From stressed to relaxed

Your brain is your most complex body part and science still does not fully understand how it works. Your perceptions, thoughts and emotions are equally complex. They are constantly changing and interacting and consist of many different layers. Some are part of your conscious mind while others are part of your subconscious mind. To put [...]

Mindfulness at Work

Why would businesses like Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Google and Apple be interested in Mindfulness? The answer is simple. Happiness is the new productivity The simple truth is that happy people do better jobs. Research has shown that the introduction of Mindfulness practices to the work place increases employee happiness and it improves the business [...]

Introduction to Mindfulness

Your brain is your most important asset. It is a power station that connects your every thought, feeling and action. Without your brain there is no you. Yet people tend to take better care of their teeth, their hair and even their car then their brain. When was the last time you took a few [...]

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