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The Mindful Parent by Shirley Pastiroff

Provocative, life-changing and kind, this book will transform how you think about yourself as a parent, as well as transforming how you parent.

Is it even possible to stay sane, calm and connected in the chaos of parenting? Yes!

Somewhere in our over-scheduled and frantic lives, we’ve lost our intuition around how to bring up kids. Our children come with all they need to flourish to their full potential, and yet we’ve accessorized the parent-child relationship beyond recognition, creating a world of stress for parents and kids.

The Mindful Parent changes all that. It’s a timely and liberating journey back to the heart of what really matters — a deep and lasting relationship with our children. Its unique approach leads us to that deep connection by weaving together the latest in neuroscience, personal story and deceptively simple strategies that are so kind and effective it’s hard not to use them.

Each chapter re-examines a different area of our parenting lives — our busyness and stress levels; our more difficult emotions; our challenging core beliefs; our essential connection with our children; our children’s tricky emotions; and the struggle of conflict-management.

There is more un-learning than learning in this book. It will be read with a huge sigh of relief, a new sense of joy and a realisation that the expertise to parent well is already deep within each one of us.

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Counsellor, Mindful parenting course facilitator and mother of 5.

Shirley is one of New Zealand’s leading mindful parenting teachers. She is passionate about helping parents take control of their stress and transform their families to become stronger and more connected using research-based mindfulness techniques that have transformed her own family life.


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Family Times


An article regarding Shirley’s book in Family Times, which is produced quarterly and distributed free through early learning centres, primary schools, and civic and commercial offices in New Zealand.

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FOUND: The Parenting Advice that Could Make Your Life so Much Easier

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FOUND: The Parenting Advice that Could Make Your Life so Much Easier

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